The Foundation

At what level are you willing to participate? 

Through the All In, All The Time Foundation, we will provide an immediate response to the needs of Naval Special Warfare families.  Their needs are many, their needs are great. AIATT can alleviate some of the burdens that arise months even years after tragedy occurs, while assuring that these heroes are never forgotten. 

The All In, All The Time Foundation, established in 2008, is a tribute to the memory of SOCS Tom Valentine. Tom was an elite warrior who lived his life in accordance with the special operator’s code, which all SEALs strive to attain. Tom was fiercely loyal to his country, his team and his teammates; he served with honor and integrity on and off the battlefield; he stood ready to lead, ready to follow, and he never quit; he always took responsibility for his actions and those of his teammates; he excelled as a warrior through discipline and innovation; and he trained for war and fought to win at all costs against our nation’s enemies.

Tom was a father, brother, son and husband. His greatest love was his family and serving his country. We honor Tom by keeping is his sacrifice and legacy alive.

The All In, All The Time Fund will also support the various benevolent organizations with the Naval Special Warfare community.