At What Level Are You Willing To Participate?

Through the All In All The Time Foundation, we provide an immediate response to the needs of Naval Special Warfare families. Their needs are many, their needs are great. AIATT can alleviate some of the burdens that arise months, even years after tragedy occurs, while assuring that these heroes are never forgotten.

The All In All The Time Foundation was established in 2008 as a tribute to the memory of SOCS Tom Valentine. While his greatest love was his family, his passion was serving his country. Tom was an elite warrior who lived his life in accordance with the special operator’s code. He was fiercely loyal to his country, his team and his teammates. He served with honor and integrity on and off the battlefield and stood ready to lead, ready to follow, and vowed to never quit. The organization was started as a way to honor Tom by keeping his sacrifice and the sacrifices of all of his fallen brothers at the forefront of America’s conscious.

The purpose of the All In All The Time Foundation has been to fill the interim needs of the surviving spouses and children of our fallen warriors. The immediate and long terms needs of the injured and fallen have been met through various larger organizations. All In Foundation strives to fill in the gaps by addressing the “in between” years. While this foundation can never replace these heroes, we work very hard to alleviate some of the burdens faced when a family has lost their provider. These “between needs” can include things like: legal fees, wills, estate management, household & auto repairs, counseling assistance (outside the military chain), and many other critical, immediate nonstandard support categories.

Since 2008, AIATT has expanded its profile to reach out to even more Gold Star Families. We have expanded our mission to include assistance for TBI and PTS related needs, as well as scholarships for active and retired SOF veterans and transition assistance for retirees. AIATT is a true grass roots organization and we remain committed to serving both Naval Special Warfare and the Special Operations communities through honor, remembrance and dignity.